Christo 💖 Ray

He is very lucky to have her in his life.


Christo loves Ray more than anything

She is a beautiful, brave & intelligent girl. He feels lucky every day he is able to spend with her.

They already have amazing memories together, and they will be sure to create many more for the years to come..

How Did This Even Happen

The Story of our love and the Wedding

When Jena Miller Met Mike Shneider
That day changed everything
  1. First met
    ?? / 2017?
  2. First Dating
    April 2017
  3. Love began
    October 2017
  4. Together since
    February 2018
  5. He proposed
    September 2018
Happy ending we will get married
Counting the days...

💖 Two Lovers 💕

Who care for each other very much, and would do anything for the other.

They're doing their best..

And lucky they have each other

Pasta Daddy
Baby Virus
Not the sharpest pair, but together they form a single brain that has gotten them this far.
They just might live happily ever after..